Kristen McMenamy in ‘Far, Far From Land’ by Tim Walker for W Magazine

Kristen McMenamy plays a modern mermaid on a mission to find her one true love in ‘Far, Far From Land’ a high fashion fairy-tale by Tim Walker for W Magazine. Using the fantasy folklore of the “mer-people” Walker lures us to his underwater world, where love is eternal and all that you see is subjected to the amplified echoing of the imagination. Creating a new style of art I’m calling “exotic-aquatica,” this inspired collaboration combines the work of such innovators as (Stylist) Jacob K and (Set Designer) Simon Costin. Closely connected to the mythological sirens of the sea, mermaids are known for their unique ability to entice, with seductive powers that far outweigh their on land contemporaries. Creating luminous looks that all melt together like a second skin, Jacob K’s seamless selection of styles mimic the scaly effect, matching (Mertailor) Eric Ducharme’s custom-made fishtail to perfection. Capturing the aerial essence of underwater beauty, Julien d’Ys transforms McMenamy’s hair into long, flowing locks, while Stephane Marais creates a dreamy version of modern day mer-makeup. This powerful piece looks beyond legend with avant-garde imagery that dares to depict the beautiful tragedy that is this creatures’ epic fate. And with the addition of narrative text adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Little Mermaid, Walker offers an editorial experience that is Far Far and Away from the typical fashion fare – Bravo!    To view entire series go to W Magazine.

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