Lexi Boling By Guy Aroch In ‘Dawn Till Dusk’ For Muse Magazine Winter 2013

Back-lit by the sun Lexi Boling is arresting in ‘Dawn Till Dusk’ by Guy Aroch for the Winter 13.14 issue of Muse Magazine. Taking his guerrilla style street photography to the great outdoors, Aroch creates a powerful piece of visual poetry. In a season that’s seen it’s share of augmented nature, it’s refreshing to view the awe-inspiring surroundings in all their natural splendor. With images that mimic real life, his languid use of lighting and rich layers gives even his most high fashion fair a kind of raw authenticity. Following in the footsteps of many great documentarians, his unique ability to infiltrate an environment without losing focus, is what gives his stories an extra edge. Taking an unapologetic approach to the idea of outdoor styling, Joanne Blades gathers a wild mix of designs, including a thick wool cape that splits down the center, revealing the shapely lines of the bare body below. Boling wears soft, smokey makeup by Fredrik Stambro, amping up her features while still letting a sprinkle of freckles shine right through. A natural born beauty tells a stellar story, building to a stunning shot in silhouette. This epic series is an exciting example of what can happen when the eclectic spirit is allowed to run free.

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