Viva! Moda

Lily McMenamy by Marcin Tyszka for Viva! Moda, Winter 2013. Long and strong Lily takes on the space with a wide range of sultry moves evoking the spirit of the night. Expressive and erudite she illuminates the energy of sound with a solemn mix of mind body movement. Ever immuned to the rightful place of learning, she lets the luring arena of righteous indignation overtake her. Racing through the night on a pathway of boundless rhythm, these brave and inherent feelings fill the space with the purification of light and dark. Dressed in a series of designs by (Stylist) Agnieszka Scibior, this stunning sequence pays tribute to the night, with passionate notes of fashion phenomena. At once proud and poetic, the silent stream of solemn goodness reaches through the palette of paradoxical dreams letting us know we’ve hit higher ground. A palpable journey of inner-strength, McMenamy stuns in beauty by Steven Canavan and hair by Christoph Hasenbein.

Lily-McMenamy-Viva-Moda-Marcin-Tyszka-02Lily-McMenamy-Viva-Moda-Marcin-Tyszka-03 Lily-McMenamy-Viva-Moda-Marcin-Tyszka-04 Lily-McMenamy-Viva-Moda-Marcin-Tyszka-05 Lily-McMenamy-Viva-Moda-Marcin-Tyszka-06 Lily-McMenamy-Viva-Moda-Marcin-Tyszka-07 Lily-McMenamy-Viva-Moda-Marcin-Tyszka-08 Lily-McMenamy-Viva-Moda-Marcin-Tyszka-09Lily-McMenamy-Viva-Moda-Marcin-Tyszka-01