Rachel Finninger in ‘Nomadic Huntress’ by Robert John Kley for Schön! Magazine 23

Rachel Finninger becomes a ‘Nomadic Huntress’ by Robert John Kley for Schön! Magazine #23. Swirling through the fashion air I rose to meet it bold and fare. Baring down and ready to go, this stunning array of arousing colors comes to play, in a spectacular swirl of a blizzard anomaly. This captivating combination of fierce winter-wear lands in a spectacular array of wide-weathered fun. Styled by Jimi Urquiaga, the inspired vision of danger and decadence makes the sinuous shapes of our fleeting captures simply irresistible. A series of strong, sculptural silhouettes that will stun you into submission. It is in the demonstration of collection that we see the apparel for nomadic design. Dressed in nothing but exquisite designs from Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Jason Wu and Viktor & Rolf, Tom Ford & Donna Karan, it is in the demonstration of collection that we see the need for sinuous surprise. With a bold brow and bright lip the makeup artist makes a strong statement with a striking mix of indiscreet momentum.  The lure of fur will get you in the end, but it’s the daring of decadence that will make you fall.

rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-10rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-1 rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-2 rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-7 rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-8rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-3 rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-4 rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-5 rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-6 rachel-finninger-by-robert-john-kley-for-schc3b6n-magazine-fall-2013-9