Twin Magazine

Ben Weller captures the lyrical beauty of Sam Rollinson in ‘Song of Sam’ for Twin Magazine #9 F/W 13.14. Part of a cover quartet, this inspiring bi-annual art publication keeps focused on their mission, with a strong group of women that all represent the power of the female force. Showing us the face of the future Rollinson shines, in this seaside story shot on the outskirts of the Cornish Coast. Strong and independent, this issue celebrates those unique features of strength that have come to define Modern Beauty. Striking a stunning balance between effortless & chic (Stylist) Celestine Cooney rewrites the rules for natural elegance with an eclectic combination of looks that range from ocean-side sleek to western-wear cool. As much about personal expression as comfort, the new modern beauty embraces both an active lifestyle and artistic edge. With clean makeup by Niamh Quinn and a face-framing bob by Alex Brownsell, we are reminded that true beauty doesn’t cover our flaws it conveys our inner truth.

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