Emma Stern Nielsen & Eva Doll in ‘Sexy Boudoir’ by Ellen Von Unwerth for Madame Figaro 12.13

Beauties Emma Stern Nielsen and Eva Doll star in ‘Sexy Boudoir’ by Ellen Von Unwerth for Madame Figaro December 2013. Celebrating the Espirt Boudoir, Chantal Thomass & Unwerth collaborate to capture the spirit of drama derived from decadent undergarments. Showing off “underwear” that’s meant to share, Nielsen & Doll are the picture of 20’s perfection, wearing an exquisite mix of cabaret inspired lingerie styled by Nicole Picart. (M-Artist) Alice Ghendrih honors this iconic era with eye-popping makeup designed to transform. Often called “painted faces,” this kind of pain-staking beauty uses the artists’ eye for precision to bring a character to life. By implementing augmenting application techniques the effect can literally change the shape of the features/face. Redrawing a hi-arched brow will instantly widened the eye, while relining the lips can create a round mouth perfect for the period. And to top it off just right, (Hairstylist) Vinz creates a crisp cut Louise Brooks inspired Bob, so architecturally accurate, you’ll think you’re back in the Roaring Twenties. A true work of art, the always provocative Unwerth doesn’t disappoint with sexy shots that are sure to put the frisky back in your intimate fashions.

Ellen Von Unwerth For Madame Figarosexy-boudoir-glam-cabaret-by-ellen-von-unwerth-for-madame-figaro-december-2013-21Ellen Von Unwerth For Madame Figaro 4 sexy-boudoir-glam-cabaret-by-ellen-von-unwerth-for-madame-figaro-december-2013-3 Ellen Von Unwerth For Madame Figaro 3sexy-boudoir-glam-cabaret-by-ellen-von-unwerth-for-madame-figaro-december-2013-4 sexy-boudoir-glam-cabaret-by-ellen-von-unwerth-for-madame-figaro-december-2013-6 sexy-boudoir-glam-cabaret-by-ellen-von-unwerth-for-madame-figaro-december-2013-12