Dario Catellani Photography

Dario Catellani brings the face into focus with a stunning selection of captivating colors that sits on the face like a modern day fairy tale. From a dark, edgy place where anything can happen to the tight end that screams out of control, the spectacle of shades comes into play like a collection of glossy reflection. When what you have feels arousing yet uniformly free, you know you’ve created something divinely superb. A staggering moment where all is clear, I sit atop this lovely place and marvel and the spectacle of artful achievement. When one fights to complete a vision of rightful intention then we are all closer to the truth. A converse space of higher learning, we are taken to place where beauty becomes one with who we are. From one angle it is nothing but candy colored makeup strewn out all across the face, from another it’s an the attempt to gain control. It’s through the righteous means of good intention that I undertake the solemn vision of the world.  Images from (Eyeshadow Lipstick).

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