‘Irrésistibles’ by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris February 2014

A divine sign of rushing emotions in ‘Irrésistibles’ by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris. A force of striking strength, Sorrenti hits it hard with a captivating collection of today’s chicest styles. A wide variety of youthful models, Sam RollinsonAmanda Murphy, Vanessa Axente, Andreea Diaconu and Tanya Katysheva represent the new faces of modern beauty. From leather and lace to gilded grace, (Stylist) Jane How shows us how it’s done with a wide range of eclectic looks. With slicked back hair by Recine and soft makeup by Aaron de Mey, the rain falls down giving us a mystic look at magical shots. A powerful medley that would be easy to see what would make this strong and free. A long, lasting sign of aching beauty, this poetic portrayal washes away any kind of sign of painful yearning.

mario-sorrenti-vogue-paris-february-2014-1 mario-sorrenti-vogue-paris-february-2014-6Irrésistibles-by-Mario-Sorrenti-for-Vogue-Paris-February-2014-6-790x1024 Irrésistibles-by-Mario-Sorrenti-for-Vogue-Paris-February-2014-13-790x1024Irrésistibles-by-Mario-Sorrenti-for-Vogue-Paris-February-2014-8-790x1024 mario-sorrenti-vogue-paris-february-2014-3mario-sorrenti-vogue-paris-february-2014-4 mario-sorrenti-vogue-paris-february-2014-8 mario-sorrenti-vogue-paris-february-2014-7 mario-sorrenti-vogue-paris-february-2014-9 mario-sorrenti-vogue-paris-february-2014-2Irrésistibles-by-Mario-Sorrenti-for-Vogue-Paris-February-2014-12-790x1024mario-sorrenti-vogue-paris-february-2014-10