Volt Cafe

Ilva Heitmann in ‘Head Strong’ by Rui Faria for Volt Cafe Autumn/Winter 2013-14. With heart stopping hair by Keiichiro Hirano, this captivating mix of color and curls speak to a lovely blend of stylized shape. With a stunning blend of black & white eyes (Makeup Artist) Julia Laza sets the stage with and vibrant array of vintage chic. From the craft of the curls to the height of the hair this makes for a lovely picture of head strong appeal.

Volt-14_Rui-Faria_Head-Strong1a Volt-14_Rui-Faria_Head-Strong3a Volt-14_Rui-Faria_Head-Strong1b Volt-14_Rui-Faria_Head-Strong2a Volt-14_Rui-Faria_Head-Strong3bVolt 14_RESUPPLY 22.Aug.pdf, page 10 @ Preflight