Zlata Mangafic in ‘Resort Ready’ by Sølve Sundsbø for V Magazine

Zlata Mangafic is captured in ‘Resort Ready’ by Sølve Sundsbø for V Magazine. Introducing us to a new concept of languid, lounge wear, this eloquent mix of vim & vigor takes us to the next generation of creative design. The toughness of perforated leather mixed with softness of asymmetrical dressing adds to the divine direction of the urban outfitting. From cool end chic to high end street, this edgy mix of sinewy styles takes us to a new direction of dramatic silhouettes. (Stylist) Beat Bolliger mixes it up with a wide range of radical looks. An exciting array of magic and mayhem, this exquisite collection of new level looks breaks us out of the idea of pop-color with an exciting element of modern androgyny. From dark and moody to razor sharp and lean, (Makeup Artist) Marla Belt captures the rhythm of the night with a sexy combination of luminescent dreams.

zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-1 zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-6Zlata Mangafic by Sølve Sundsbø (Resort Ready - V #86 Winter 2013) 9 (1) Zlata Mangafic by Sølve Sundsbø (Resort Ready - V #86 Winter 2013) 10 (1)zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-2zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-3 zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-8zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-4 zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-5 zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-7 zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-10 zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-11 zlata-mangafic-v-magazine-winter-13-14-12