Anna Chipovskaya By Nikolay Biryukov For Interview Russia February 2014

Amazing Actress, Anna Chipovskaya, stuns us senseless in this captivating story by Nikolay Biryukov for Interview Russia. A model of a different kind, Anna goes inside of herself in this evocative piece of timeless wonder. Covered in clay, this neo-creature fights for herself, in a righteous world filled with autonomous revelry. A poetic pass of strength and survival, I’m not sure if she’s found her way back to freedom or secured her spot to self-destruction. Divine & deliberate, I am enticed by the echos of her selfless journey in this primal piece of thought-provoking drama. As the will to survive outweighs the need to go on, I cry, through the salty tears of broken years I feel my way past the burden of pain.

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