Caroline Brasch Nielsen ‘Decadence In The Disco’ by Richard Bush for i-D Pre-Spring 2014

Caroline Brasch Nielsen plays the game in ‘Decadence In the Disco’ by Richard Bush for i-D Magazine, Pre-Spring 2014. It’s not what I wear it’s who I am. Through the bright lights of the big night, I hear you calling. The mark of auspicious beginnings, Caroline gets in touch with her wild side, in this story of love and other private longings. Redefining the parameters of youth, this captures the imagination, with an eruptive array of fun and play. Art and fashion collide, as (Stylist) Sarah Richardson dares to get real, in this futuristic blend of pleasurable passions. From eyes wide shut to a glittered mouth of glory, (Makeup) Val Garland dares to rediscover the true value of beauty. Bringing back the flyaway illusion of forever, this is the story of lost dreams and distant love.

caroline-brasch-nielsen-by-richard-bush-for-i-d-magazine-spring-2014Caroline-Brasch-Nielsen-by-Richard-Bush-for-I-D-Magazine-Pre-Spring-2014fCaroline-Brasch-Nielsen-by-Richard-Bush-for-I-D-Magazine-Pre-Spring-2014bCaroline-Brasch-Nielsen-by-Richard-Bush-for-I-D-Magazine-Pre-Spring-2014a Caroline-Brasch-Nielsen-by-Richard-Bush-for-I-D-Magazine-Pre-Spring-2014c (1) Caroline-Brasch-Nielsen-by-Richard-Bush-for-I-D-Magazine-Pre-Spring-2014d Caroline-Brasch-Nielsen-by-Richard-Bush-for-I-D-Magazine-Pre-Spring-2014gCaroline-Brasch-Nielsen-by-Richard-Bush-for-I-D-Magazine-Pre-Spring-2014e