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Catherine McNeil get’s physical in ‘The Body,’ an eye-popping story by Daniel Sannwald for Pop Magazine #30, S/S 2014. A new sexy, Catherine knows how to show it with an edgy kind of attitude. Vibrant & aware, she’s less about being perfect than she is the happiness of now. Wearing a variety of modern styles, this girl knows how to bring it, with a captivating blend of shy and showy. A powerful piece of popular fashion, it’s vital that those who have the vision to call for change, know how to use it. There’s something infectious about this editorial that’s just strong enough to change my mind. I’m enticed by the jolt of electricity and enthralled by the rush it’s causing. Forget robotic & cool, this is about the semi-sonic sound of satisfaction. It’s about getting down and getting focused. It’s about knowing what you want and having the freedom to go after it. It’s about being open enough to raise awareness & quiet enough to be heard. It’s about the petty, pretty things in life that make us want to scream and cry. I look to those like (Stylist) Stevie Dance, who know what they like and goes after it, or (Makeup Artist) Maud Laceppe for understanding the plains of the face and Peter Gray the hair. And while it may sound small, it feels like the beginning of something special. Images ().
catherine-mcneil-by-daniel-sannwald-for-pop-magazine-30-spring-summer-2014-9catherine-mcneil-by-daniel-sannwald-for-pop-magazine-30-spring-summer-2014-3Catherine McNeil Pop Magazine SS 2014 5Catherine McNeil Pop Magazine SS 2014 Catherine McNeil Pop Magazine SS 2014 3catherine-mcneil-by-daniel-sannwald-for-pop-magazine-30-spring-summer-2014-6 catherine-mcneil-by-daniel-sannwald-for-pop-magazine-30-spring-summer-2014-5catherine-mcneil-by-daniel-sannwald-for-pop-magazine-30-spring-summer-2014-11 Catherine McNeil Pop Magazine SS 2014 6Catherine McNeil Pop Magazine SS 2014 4catherine-mcneil-by-daniel-sannwald-for-pop-magazine-30-spring-summer-2014-1catherine-mcneil-by-daniel-sannwald-for-pop-magazine-30-spring-summer-2014-4catherine-mcneil-by-daniel-sannwald-for-pop-magazine-30-spring-summer-2014-10 catherine-mcneil-by-daniel-sannwald-for-pop-magazine-30-spring-summer-20141 Catherine McNeil Pop Magazine SS 2014 Cover