Daria Werbowy Styled by Kate Moss for Mert & Marcus, Vogue UK March 2014

Daria Werbowy plays hard in ‘Cause Celebre’ by Mert & Marcus for Vogue UK March 2014. Styled by Kate Moss, she takes us back to a time when rock-n-roll decadence was the name of the game and drive is what got you there. An artful array of exotic play, the infamous model does her second career justice, with styles that sing including, black leather, silk, chiffon and lace. Real and ravenous, the eyes have it as (Makeup Artist) Lucia Pieroni goes smoked out, with a mix of modern kohl rimmed eyes and pale-pink lips. Multi-colored madness, (Hairstylist) Oribe lets her experience the freedom of life, with long locks that change color with her mood. Kate Moss does this layout proud, proving that even in an industry ripe with overt intentions, there is often something special to look for under the shiny surface.

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