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Guinevere Van Seenus captures our imagination in ‘Portrait of a Lady,’ a cover story shot by Erik Madigan Heck for Muse Magazine #37, Spring 2014. A dream come true, this dares to re-define the meaning of life, by giving us a look inside of forever. A beautiful blend of the past and future, this Intimate Portrayal of love, takes it to another dimension. Shrouding herself in silence, Guinevere shows us the mystery of existence, with an exquisite array of fun and folly. Stylist, Yana Kamps, delight us with clothes cloaked in wonder yet hidden in tears. Luscious lips that scream to be seen, (Makeup Artist) Deanna Melluso draws on the artisinal of beauty with artful application. From racing-red to phantom-blonde, Jordan M captures hair sensibility with succulent shades that are meant to shine. Color can change but what’s real remains the same. Topped off in style, this cryptically caustic element can keep the mystery alive. A story of decadence and denial, each hat bears the burden of truth, and each picture the poetry of forever.

Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-1Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-8 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-15Guinevere Van Seenus by Erik Madigan Heck (Portrait Of A Lady - Muse #37 Spring 2014) 3 Guinevere Van Seenus by Erik Madigan Heck (Portrait Of A Lady - Muse #37 Spring 2014) 11 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-3Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-6 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-7Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-5Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-12-1024x667 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-4-1024x675Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-9 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-10 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-for-Muse-37-Spring-2014-13 Guinevere Van Seenus by Venetia Scott (Muse #37 Spring 2014)Guinevere Van Seenus by Venetia Scott (Muse #37 2014)