Hana Jirickova in ‘Aros’ by Hasse Nielsen for Cover Magazine February 2014

Hana Jirickova gets dynamic with high-fashion face and body art in ‘Aros’ by Hasse Nielsen for Cover Magazine. An eclectic blend of pop & color, (Fashion Editor) Emelie Johansson hits the mark with a stylized bit of power-punk edge. Over-the-top and underplayed this comes at it hard with a captivating mix of 60’s-mod and 80’s-chic. Bold and beautiful, (Makeup Artist) Anne Staunsager shakes it up with everything from soft, subtle shades to hyper-modern face paint. A masterful mix that will blast you back in time. This cool coiffed dew by (Hairstylist) Cim Mahony creates a groove for the post, party past. Bland be gone, with bold prints and static elements that come to bare with a seasonal surprise of daring design.

hana-jirickova-hasse-nielsen-cover-mag-07 Cover February 2014 (10.5)hana-jirickova-hasse-nielsen-cover-mag-10hana-jirickova-hasse-nielsen-cover-mag-03 (1)Cover February 2014 (10)hana-jirickova-hasse-nielsen-cover-mag-01hana-jirickova-hasse-nielsen-cover-mag-05 Cover February 2014 (11) Cover February 2014 (12)Cover February 2014 (1)