Saskia de Brauw in ‘It’s A Matter of Shape’ by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia, 02/14

Saskia de Brauw captures the arc of strength and satisfaction in ‘It’s A Matter of Shape’ by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia. Part ballerina part androgynous ice-queen, Saskia soars to new heights in this exquisite mix of movement and modeling. Stylist, Karl Templer, expands the experience with a flight of fantasy that reaches beyond the typical fashion fare. She plays the part of nymphet du jour to perfection, with a ghostly pallor that is highlighted by dynamic color combinations. Double sided beauty, (Makeup Artist) Diane Kendel reaches new heights with looks so extreme they’ll dare to make you scream. Part innocent angle part devious devil, (Hairstylist) Orlando Pita mystifies our senses with hair that changes direction in front of our eyes. In the shift of power lives the queen of hearts. A balletic array of beautiful play, this falls somewhere between dance and art. Saskia stuns us senseless with rich movements that are ripe with the potency of equals.

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