Zuzanna Bijoch’s in ‘Não Provoque… É Cor De Rosa-Shocking!’ by Pedro Sales for Vogue Brazil

Zuzanna Bijoch captures the illusion of monochromatic mania in ‘Não Provoque… É Cor De Rosa-Shocking!’ by Zee Nunes for Vogue Brazil, February 2014. A vexing bit of Valentine’s day fun, Bijoch will satisfy your senses with candy-colored red and pink. A decadent array of dynamic play, (Stylist) Pedro Sales sets the story straight with an exquisite mix of satin, silk, prints and fur. Upside down and ready to go, (Makeup Artist) Silvio Giorgio gets it done with beauty designed to shine, and a splash of cool (purple) hair. High fashion meets surrealistic style in this edgy story set inside a plucky bit of stunning fun.

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