Vamp Magazine

Andreea Diaconu helps to christen this creative endeavor, “By Being The Woman You Always Wanted to Be,” by Paola Kudacki for Vamp Magazine. Proudly declaring, “that there’s nothing more chic than a successful, self-possessed woman who embraces her attributes,” the brave duo David Vivirido & Francesco Sourigues expands after 8 years with (male driven) Hercules. These pioneers set out to explore both the sexy and subversive sides, by getting a new look into depths of female fashion. While beautiful, these pictures aren’t just about the production of perfection, they’re about the purity of power. Stylist, Brandon Maxwell, embraces this story with shots that send a vivid message of strength. Makeup Artist, Serge Hodonou, knows how to capture our imagination by using the plains of the face to forward our feelings. A bold mix of color and placement, with a stunning selection of neo-red racing, the lips lunge across the mouth in a torrent of pure pleasure. The right to take flight doesn’t come from words, rather, it’s interpersonal integrity that gives you wings. You have the freedom to fly by taking a hold of your own truth.

andreea-diaconu-vamp-spring-summer-2014-3 (1) andreea-diaconu-vamp-spring-summer-2014-1 (1) andreea-diaconu-vamp-spring-summer-2014-2 (1)Andreea-Diaconu-by-Paola-Kudacki-for-Vamp-SpringSummer-2014-3-771x1024andreea-diaconu-by-paola-kudacki-for-vamp-magazine-1-spring-summer-2014-11 andreea-diaconu-by-paola-kudacki-for-vamp-magazine-1-spring-summer-2014-21 Andreea Diaconu