Anna Ewers and Kirsty Hume by Glen Luchford for Self Service Magazine S/S 2014

Anna Ewers and Kirsty Hume get aggressive in this surf-inspired story by Glen Luchford for Self Service Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014. A divine blend of agro & avant-garde, to bring these worlds together is like the coming of the tides. Stylist, Marie Chaix, captures the scene with looks by such designers as Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs and Giorgio Armani. Finding the commonality of equals, (Makeup Artist) Lisa Houghton gets aggressive with face art that’s teaming with authenticity. Natural beauty blended with blasts of the extreme, with an all white face and tear-stained eyes, the group maintains an eclectic edge. An arousing array of high fashion fun, with dews by (Hairstylist) Duffy, each look comes to define moments in-between. Sea & chic collide, showing that the difference displayed can become the hope that conquers. Vivid and alive, to evoke the zen masters, is to call on a true reflection of yourself.

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