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Codie Young is caught inside a dream in ‘Sleepwalker’ by Nhu Xuan Hua for Nasty #4, The Void Issue, Winter 2014. The evolution of disbelief, “Making love was never about you and me in a bed. We made love whenever we held hands.” A divine match of purity and passion, to spread your wings and fly is the mark of a true master. Through the willingness of equals, (Stylist) Francesca Pinna comes to bare using clothing to express inner strength. Bold and brilliant, each shot captures a peak at the power of true independence. With makeup kissing her face like a lost lover, Marco Antonio creates a vision of pure loveliness. A point of shear succession, we travel the furthest to begin at home. Ethereal beauty wrapped in the heart of betrayal, to fight the fight inside yourself, is to be free.

sleepwalker-03 (4)sleepwalker-05 (3)sleepwalker-04 (5) sleepwalker-02 (1) sleepwalker-02 (2) sleepwalker-04 (2)sleepwalker7 sleepwalker-05 (2) sleepwalker-01Nasty - 04 - Void - Winter 2014