Gareth Pugh Creates ‘A New Perspective’ Shot by Dimitri Hyacinthe, AnOther Magazine A/W14

Gareth Pugh saturates our senses in ‘A New Perspective’ by Dimitri Hyacinthe for AnOther Magazine, A/W14. “An instinctual process,” (Fashion Director) Katie Shillingford learns that it’s as much about the journey as it is the destination. A poetic piece of pure potential, it’s in these moments of magic that we can learn to fly. Discovering that the art of beauty comes from within, Pugh throws logic to the wind and chooses the path of freedom. A distinct mix of fabrics and shapes, by staying within the same color palate, he adds a dimension of unified strength. Lost in the lure of all white, he devours with a stunning mix of feathers, fur, leather and lace. Both defiant and demure, these styles emit a uniqueness while still adhering to a “Group Think” quality. An exquisite array of fun and folly, each shot is a shining example of purity and truth. With faces peaking through the head-pieces to secure a distinction between momentum and completion, natural beauty takes hold. Using the unified colors of openness, Shillingford captures the will of the wild on this ride through wonderland. A beautiful blend of defiant hope, Sasha Luss, Esther Heesch and Manuela Frey discovers the arc of resiliency.

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