XOXO The Mag

Eniko Mihalik kills it in this cover-story shot by Koray Birand for XOXO The Mag. Black/White and beautiful all over, sex sells but this is something different. Eniko captures the sentiment of salvation with this portrayal of love ever-lasting. A brilliant mix of all black shows itself in the form of artfully arranged clothing, styled by Murat Türkili. An exciting array of exotic play, these looks dare to dream with a noir boudoir that will make you scream. Beautiful and free, through each image the sharpness of desire comes to pass with makeup by Ali Rıza Ozdemir and hair by Serkan Aktürk. A scintillating mix of high-fashion treasure, we are free to be fine, through the pursuit of passion and pleasure. Surrounded in silence, we base our temptation toward love, and the promise of tomorrow.

Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-17Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-08Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-03 (1)Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-14 (2)Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-04 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-05 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-07 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-06 (1)Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-09 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-15eniko-mihalik-by-koray-birand-for-xoxo-magazine-march-2014 (1)Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-12 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-11Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-16 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-13 (1) Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-02Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-01