Guinevere Van Seenus in ‘Stripdown’ by Jeff Bark for Muse Magazine #37

Guinevere Van Seenus dares to bare her soul in ‘Stripdown’ by Jeff Bark for Muse Magazine #37, Spring 2014. Outside the realm of high fashion lives the world of art. Each step gets me closer to the truth, as Guinevere gives a tour de force performance, in this powerful piece of editorial aplomb. Stylist, John Vertin, uses the decadence of extraordinary designs to define emotions and mask denial. Stripping down to nothing, this brave woman battles the agony of resistance against the pain of existence. Through makeup mastery, Mark Edio, captures the beauty that lies beneath in this story of eloquent sadness. Using the defiance of the hair as part of the art, Carmel White cuts strands in an effort to be heard. Loud and proud without saying a word, sometimes the strongest steps we take are in the moments in-between. Deep, dark, real and remote, the poetry of my life lives in the windows of my soul. As I sift through the pain of the past, I begin to see my future unfold.

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