Isabel Scholten in Chanel Haute Couture by ChaunDo & Frey for L’Officiel Singapore.

Isabel Scholten stars in Chanel Haute Couture by ChaunDo & Frey for L’Officiel Singapore. ‘Years of unprecedented style and beauty’ comes to bare in this exquisite tale of love and other longings. Part vivid/alive part blurry/undone, the strength of this story is found in the shadows in-between. Featuring all Chanel Couture, (Stylists) Jack Wang and Jumius Wong uses the power of Karl Lagerfeld’s vast vision to capture our imagination. Beauty undone, (Makeup Artist) Anthony Preel frames the face with an exquisite mix of dark brows and soft lips, giving the illusion of nudity. Black & white with a splash of color, the decadence of the surroundings tells a story of empowered enlightenment. I transcend the dark as I seize the sanctity of forever, in this celebration of beauty and life – 7th Anniversary Issue.

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