Jeff Bark Blows Our Minds in ‘Fearless Youth’ for AnOther Magazine S/S 2014.

Jeff Bark blows our minds in ‘Fearless Youth’ for AnOther Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014. A testimony to the power of art, Jeff Bark & Michael Casker, invite us to experience the duality of their craft. One of the most beautiful projects I’ve witnessed, to let yourself be touched by this event, is to let yourself go. Each shot tells a unique story of strength, with a selection of looks that includes: Nastya Sten in Balmain, Marine Deleeuw in Vercase, Natalie Westling in Alexander McQueen/Alexis Bittar and Josephine Le Tutour in Ralph Lauren. “Passing through 13 different vignettes,” the girls let their unfiltered beauty come to life. Bold, bright and ready to fight, (Stylist) Robbie Spencer takes us from one perspective to another. With makeup and hair that changes shape with the wind, we find this compilation isn’t about a finished product, it’s about the agony it takes to get there. Pristine beauty has it’s place, but that which is toiled over is divine. On a wistful trip to wonderland, we find it’s only in the totality of change that we know who we are. An evocative array of fun and play, to appreciate the nature of something, is itself a true gift.

– Jeff Bark collaborated with filmmaker Michael Casker to create a unique perspective on a Fashion Film.

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