Lily McMenamy by Tung Walsh for Centrefold No.10 Spring 2014

Lily McMenamy braves the Beyond in this daring editorial by Tung Walsh for Centrefold #10. Shunning exclusivity, Centrefold opens it’s arms to the future of photography. Setting out to experience the new age of Citizen Photography, Issue 10 embraces the wide world of modern media. To ignore the idea of change, is to cut yourself off from the power of perspective. By putting together an entire magazine devoted to the point-n-click concept of the 21st century, the Smart Phone takes us to a place where art has never been. A story shot exclusively with the Nokia Lumia 1020 – the excitement of this intimate portrayal – is less about the equipment used than the passion portrayed. Tamara Rothstein, captures the intensity of style while still being able to reach across the divide. With exquisite makeup by Tiina Roivainen, the beauty of tomorrow tells us the story of today. Hairstylist, Sébastien Le Corroller, helps Lily to follow her fate, with looks that go from dry & demure to wet & unsure. To lose yourself in the power of possibility, is to get lost in the promise of tomorrow.

LILY_MCMENAMY CENTREFOLD_10_SPRING_2014_TUNG_WALSH Lily McMenamy Centerfold 10 Tung WalshLily McMenamy Centerfold 10 Tung Walsh 1Lily McMenamy Centerfold 10 Tung Walsh 3Lily McMenamy Centerfold Spring Tung Walsh 9Lily McMenamy Centerfold 10 Tung Walsh 2Lily McMenamy Centerfold Spring Tung Walsh10 Lily McMenamy Centerfold 10 Tung Walsh 6