Ming Xi in ‘Smart Tools’ by Marcus Ohlsson for Vogue China, April 2014

Ming Xi captures our attention in ‘Smart Tools’ by Marcus Ohlsson for Vogue China, 04/14. Beauty takes an avant-garde stand in this bold story shot by Ohlsson. In the field we find the most exquisite beauty can take the cruelest beating. Divine and demure on the outside, solid steel on the inside. Longing to hold on to their looks, these women will do anything to prolong time. (Makeup Artist) Fredrik Stambro takes us through the scene, where aggressiveness is tolerated and pain is expected. Wearing bold colors, these looks will stun you senseless and steal the show. With a selection of neo-archaic looking equipment the message is made clear. When it comes to the art of beauty, this girl doesn’t get distracted by a little Spring suffering. Sugar-n-spice and everything nice, don’t be fooled by what you see, women are the toughest species around.
Marcus-Ohlsson-by-Vogue-China-April-2014-1 VogueChina VogueChina1 Marcus-Ohlsson-by-Vogue-China-April-2014-3Ming-Xi-by-Marcus-Ohlsson-by-Vogue-China-April-2014