Vogue Italia

Saskia de Brauw goes back to nature in ‘Wonderfully Wild’ by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, March 2014. An epic tale of exotic findings, this story captures our imagination with a trip to wonderland. “The strength of instinctivity lays bare the deepest self. And style emerges in its most authentic, unique, personal version.” (Fashion Editor) Marie-Amélie Sauvé takes on the tribal notion of story, with the motivating factor being, J’Adore by Dior. Wearing material that mimics authentic tribal-wear, this stunning selection of styles gives a call to the wild. Makeup Artist, Pat McGrathgoes unplugged with captivating colors and crazy designs, that are both beautiful and authentic. Hairstylist, Guido Paulo, tops it off with a rich creation of coiffed hats and painted locks. A devine mixture of modern wears and authentic garb, with wild creatures roaming the set, the story is nothing less than amazing. (Set Designer) Mary Howard.

Saskia-de-Brauw-covers-Vogue-Italia-March-2014- Saskia-De-Braw-by-Steven-Meisel-for-Vogue-Italia-March-2014-1 Saskia-De-Braw-by-Steven-Meisel-for-Vogue-Italia-March-2014-2 (1) Saskia-De-Braw-by-Steven-Meisel-for-Vogue-Italia-March-2014-3 Saskia-De-Braw-by-Steven-Meisel-for-Vogue-Italia-March-2014-4 (1) Saskia-De-Braw-by-Steven-Meisel-for-Vogue-Italia-March-2014-5