Vika Falileeva by Urivaldo Lopes for French Revue de Modes Issue 24

Vika Falileeva gives an avant-garde call to the wild in this edgy editorial by Urivaldo Lopes for French Revue de Modes #24. Utilizing the opposing forces of nature, Lopes takes the lead in this story of strength and surroundings. Stepping into Spring, Vika turns heads with a playful attitude, that’s brimming with an evocative edge. Stylist, Jonathan Mahaut, looks to the future of fashion with designs that include Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Azzedine Alaïa and Moschino. Daring to take full advantage of the scene, (Makeup Artist) Laure Dansou captures our imagination, with beauty that ranges from exquisite to extreme. With bleached out brows and bold red lips, these crisp colors take us somewhere we’ve never been. A hyper-modern blend of hats & head-gear, (Hairstylist) Barbara Bertuzzi tops things off with ice-blonde locks carefully covered with feathers, fur, leather and lace. The age of defiance is here, with brash looks that tells everyone the Bad-Girl is back.

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