Zuzanna Bijoch by Marcin Tyszka for Harper’s Bazaar Spain, April 2014.

Zuzanna Bijoch charges ahead in this phenomenal cover-story captured by Marcin Tyszka for Harper’s Bazaar Spain, April 2014. A feline of ferocity, to embrace the rawness within, is to open your heart to possibilities. Moving to the sound of silence, I stop and listen on the road to wonderland. Stylist, Berta Álvarez, incorporates the division of masters in a selection that includes designers Dolce & Gabanna, Kenzo, Prada & Givenchy. A unique kind of technique, this story empowers the source of high fashion, while still paying tribute to that which exists underneath. To comprehend the real motives in this piece is to have a greater understanding of ourselves. With wild hair and makeup done by Jordi Fontanals, this pictorial exemplifies the exotic beauty within, while still staying true to who we are. A specter of light on the roadway to life, seeking salvation, Zuzanna Bijoch takes a trip to the other side.

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