Under the Influence

Kristen McMenamy comes out of the ‘Shadows’ and into the light, by Nadav Kander for Under the Influence Magazine, The Power Issue 13. Transcending the boundaries of beauty, Kristen captures our attention in the form of a short-movie & editorial. Stylist, Toby Grimditch, evokes a sense of pride in this captivating story that’s sewn around the concept of power. With wispy colors that melt on the skin, this exquisite tale dares to let the beauty come through. Makeup Artist, Georgina Graham, maintains the mastery of control with makeup that dances freely on the face like feathers in the wind. Blonde and beautiful, (Hairstylist) Ken O’Rourke uses her long, luscious locks to lure us in and send a message of love. A celebration of hope, under the arc of artful intentions comes the dawn of a new life.

Kristen McMenamy in Under the Influence Magazine 2Kristen McMenamy in Under the Influence Magazine 3Kristen McMenamy in Under the Influence Magazine

Shadows from Under the Influence Magazine on Vimeo.