Numéro Tokyo

Meghan Collison submits to the power of flowers in ‘Botanica Brilliance’ by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro Tokyo #77, June 2014. The art of the sweet life comes to bare as La Dolce Vita rises up with an inspired flare. As green stems crawl up the arc of the body, floral fashions bloom all around her. Stylist, Akari Endo-Gaut, gets eco-exotic with a stunning selection from Valentino, Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney. Fresh-faced and fine, (Makeup Artist) Serge Hodonou creates a poised perfection with beauty punctuated by burgundy lips. Hairstylist, Alexandry Costa, brings the Spring theme to life with a fun, flirty mix of wet & wild hair. Collison captivates on the cover with a crown of passionate petals worn in a halo around her head. 

Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-04Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-06Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-08 Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-05 Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-02Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-07 Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-03 Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-09 Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-10 Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-11Meghan-Collison-Numero-Sofia-Sanchez-Mauro-Mongiello-01