Natasa Vojnovic in ‘Bohemian Escape’ by Gregory Harris Interview Magazine, April 2014

Natasa Vojnovic faces the painful truth in ‘Bohemian Escape’ by Gregory Harris for Interview Magazine. April snow brings a Spring glow. Artful and alive, through the windows of my mind I see that I am stronger in my quest to go on. Stylist, Elin Svahn, breaks through the impetus of creation with a stunning selection from BalmainFendiAltuzarraIsabel MarantMarc Jacobs, Maison Martin MargielaRoberto Cavalli & Yohji Yamamoto. I meet the many different sides of myself, alone, in a pass of peaceful pleasure. A dreamy mix of decadent color, (Makeup) Lisa Houghton paints eyes that exude passion & power. Hairstylist, Tomo Jidai, lets her long mane fly with an exquisite crown of crystallized jewels. I devour the beauty of life and love, as I open my heart and set myself free.

Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-01 (1)bohemian escape Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-05Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-02 Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-03 Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-04 Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-08Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-06 Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-07Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-09 Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-10 Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-11 Natasa-Vojnovic-Interview-Gregory-Harris-12