Twin Magazine

Anna Selezneva plays a schoolgirl with secrets by Ben Weller for the 10th anniversary issue of Twin Magazine. Things are not as they appear in this story that looks straightforward, but is fraught with edge. Capturing the art of ambiguity, (Stylist) Naomi Miller subtly shows us that hidden within the folds of the fabric is a message of strength. From buttoned up and beautiful to avant-garde and arousing, (Makeup Artist) Lynsey Alexander uses Anna’s beauty to break through the silence and get to the truth. Hairstylist, Mark Hampton, goes au naturel by taking hold of the reigns and letting her long mane fly-free. Hypnotic eyes bore into our soul, as the power of this piece is found in the unwavering duty of double entendre. This bi-annual glossy reminds us that, the poetry of portrayal is held in every picture that tells a story.

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