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Elizabeth Olsen throws herself into the fire in ‘The Oxygen Destroyer Must Not be Used’ by Hunter & Gatti for FLAUNT Magazine. The ultimate thespian, Olsen captures the element of passion while enduring the heartache of pain. Cast under a neon haze, Christine De Lassus explores the art of seduction with fashions that define the decadence within. From dark noir to modern elegance, this girl knows how to shine, wearing an elegant array of Spring’s finest attire. Makeup Artist, Hung Vanngouses her face as a tool of neo-expression, while letting her red lips make all the magic. With long, dark locks that flow down her back, (Hairstylist) Paco Garrigues brings the silken waves of pure delight to life. Triple the time, as the burden of beauty settles in, we recognize it’s the reactions that give us the edge. Read Declan Tan’s interview with Elizabeth Olsen, and leave feeling inspired by the hope for the art of tomorrow.

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