Magdalena Frackowiak in ‘Madame Butterfly’ by Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar UK June 2014

Magdalena Frackowiak flies free in ‘Madame Butterfly’ by Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar UK, June 2014. A transformative take on the art of Summer, (Stylist) Miranda Almond Borrows from the Butterfly with fabrics that range from enchanting tulle to exotic silk. Echoing the rich colors of the season, fashion goes fantastical in stunning looks from Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin & Alexander McQueen. Ethereal wonder, (Makeup Artist) Polly Osmond brings the flight of the butterfly to life with a soft color palette set off by rich tones. (Hairstylist) Alain Pichon lets the waves sink in by creating a cascade of curls that fall gently around the face. A dream inside a dream, inside the conservatory of creation comes a moment of hope. 

Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-01 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-11 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-03 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-04 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-05 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-07Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-02Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-08Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-09Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-10Magdalena-Frackowiak-Bazaar-UK-Alexi-Lubomirski-06