Sophia Nilsson in ‘Clinical’ by Nhu Xuan Hua for Blanc Magazine

Sophia Nilsson is caught in the pathways of the mind in ‘Clinical’ by Nhu Xuan Hua for Blanc Magazine Issue #3. Parting in such sweet sorrow…I say my goodbyes now as I may not see you tomorrow. Baring out the entity of pleasure, (Stylist) Paola Cignoli captures the truth with a mindful mix of monochromatic madness. I reach out to find my beginning only to be denied full access. Bound in wire-wrappings, this story taps into the somber side of life’s daunting journey. A bold blend of hair and makeup, (Artist) Kenny Leung uses his skills to strike a blow of avant-garde beauty. Seeking space for the strange, I am anchored in longing for the likes of free will. As the ethos of my pain pines away, through the artful eyes of sadness I can see the heart of today.  

Sophia-Nilsson-Blanc-Magazine-Nhu-Xuan-Hua-01 Sophia-Nilsson-Blanc-Magazine-Nhu-Xuan-Hua-04Sophia-Nilsson-Blanc-Magazine-Nhu-Xuan-Hua-02 Sophia-Nilsson-Blanc-Magazine-Nhu-Xuan-Hua-09 Sophia-Nilsson-Blanc-Magazine-Nhu-Xuan-Hua-05 Sophia-Nilsson-Blanc-Magazine-Nhu-Xuan-Hua-06 Sophia-Nilsson-Blanc-Magazine-Nhu-Xuan-Hua-07 Sophia-Nilsson-Blanc-Magazine-Nhu-Xuan-Hua-08 Sophia-Nilsson-Blanc-Magazine-Nhu-Xuan-Hua-03