Intermission Magazine

Andreea Diaconu devours the scenery in ‘Daring Diaconu’ a captivating cover shot by John Scarisbrick for Intermission #09, SS 2014. Giving us a peak into the future of modern fashion, Tom Van Dorpe blends conceptual 60’s pop with aggressive avant-garde. The poetry of tomorrow told by the powerful choices of today. Makeup Artist, Adrien Pinaultcaptures dueling roles of beauty by experiencing both sides. With clean lines broken up by blocks of black & white, the Mad/Mod combination of color excites our attention. A vision of artistic pride, (Hairstylist) Marki Shkreli wraps the hair around the neck giving the story a lure of the unknown. The eyes have it…by infusing defiant makeup trends, you end up with a divine blend of decadence shown through a vivid glimpse of decades past, present and beyond.

andreea-diaconu-by-john-scarisbrick-for-intermission-magazine-spring-summer-2014-6andreea-diaconu-by-john-scarisbrick-for-intermission-magazine-spring-summer-2014-3andreea-diaconu-by-john-scarisbrick-for-intermission-magazine-spring-summer-2014-1andreea-diaconu-by-john-scarisbrick-for-intermission-magazine-spring-summer-2014-7andreea-diaconu-by-john-scarisbrick-for-intermission-magazine-spring-summer-2014-809 Intermission Magazineandreea-diaconu-by-john-scarisbrick-for-intermission-magazine-spring-summer-2014-5