Catherine McNeil Plays ‘The Bride’ by Dario Catellani for No Name Magazine #1

Catherine McNeil is Beatrix Kiddo in ‘The Bride’ an evocative piece of editorial artistry by Dario Catellani for No Name Magazine #1. To play, Black Mamba, is to be utterly in touch with and truly inspired by this cunning character. Catellani captures the art of the exquisite in this experimental story that’s designed to make you think. Letting go of that which holds you down, Catherine gets at the dominion of the divine with ethereal beauty that emanates from within. Just like Beatrix in Kill BillI keep my pain sheltered from the storm with rebellious beauty that’s born to run wild. Lost in the illusion of light my soul seeks out, reaching for the aching art of anonymity and the solitude of sanctity. To find yourself on a journey home, is to find that moment to be free.

Fashion Forward

or dead in the game,

a passive player

or a crying shame.

I fall to my knees

with a pain in my heart…

Torn asunder & ripped apart,

the shattered sounds of silence

the teetering mist of pain

the solitude of sadness

gives way to joyful gain.



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