Oyster Magazine

Charlotte Free finds the light in ‘Softer, Softest’ by Jeff Bark for the 20th Anniversary of Oyster Magazine #104. Part space-age part under-world mystical, this takes our ideas about avant-garde style to another level. Ethereal-Sci-fi is the name of the game, with Charlotte giving us a Free look at Chanel SS14 Haute Couture. Leave it to Oyster to redefine the nexus of high fashion and bring it to the masses. Inviting us to explore the illusory world of beauty, (Makeup Artist) Mark Edio uses the face to create a story that shines. Sophie Roberts gives her a hyper-modern twist with hair that speaks to the art of intention. Bark shows us that the future of fashion is here with vexing images that come from a unique vantage point. Taking us to another dimension, this luminous story soars with a  multi-colored mix of liquid light – The Exposed Issue.


charlottefreemaincharlotteforwebspreads2 charlotteforwebspreads3 charlotteforwebspreads4 charlotteforwebspreads5 charlotteforwebspreads6 Oyster Magazine Spring 2014 Cover