Julia Hetta ‘Different Days’ by Dazed and Confused for Show at The Shoot Gallery.

Julia Hetta rides high on a raven’s wing in ‘Different Days,’ covered by Dazed and Confused for her show at The Shoot Gallery, May 13 – June 21. Exquisite beauty brought in a daze of un-answered dreams, as the romance pours through the page we find ourselves staring at the truth. The power of poetry laid out in pictures, Hetta reminds us that sheer simplicity can be the most enticing thing we can offer. Unwilling to capitulate, she revels in her chance to challenge her standards. By erecting the divine longings of aching love, we welcome it into the atmosphere. Both tragic & transformative, this coupling of the extreme makes the story feel complete. Setting out to reach the summit of sensation, we find ourselves lost in the illusion of forever. While many speak about Hetta’s “clarity and perfectionism,” I see the subtlety of her work as a measure of strength. Vast in its vision solemn in its integrity, the passion of this piece speaks to the heart of an artist.  To find a pathway to the extreme is to enjoy the exquisite journey…. 

    The Black Crow Sings 

I take to the sky

on a raven’s wing,

with a heart of gold

so my soul can sing.

I bare myself

open and free,

luring the dream

so it can find me.

The art of beauty

the longing of love,

I’m searching for a sign

from up above.

As tomorrow’s light

becomes today,

the echos of forever

will light my way.

Poem by Tanyajo

Riding on the wings of love I ask myself, what is the cost of creation? Silent in the efforts to connect, this is one of those authentic investments that have nothing to do with money. Through the beauty of salvation, comes hope. Having graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam 2004, Hetta’s Rembrant Renaissance style is seen in her observance of the Dutch Masters and her love of the, “Pre-Raphaelite Ophelias and nymphs.” A romantic person at heart, Hetta reminds us that true simplicity can be the most enticing thing we can offer. Shoot Gallery’s piece by Johan Croneman.

Hugnin and Munin

Thoughts look to the future
Memories to the past
Both are ravens
And neither will last

One is truth
And one is fiction
Both are ravens
Neither offer protection

Poem by Rob W. Hansen

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