Vasilisa Pavlova in ‘Jay Ahr’ by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND Magazine

Vasilisa Pavlova stars in ‘Jay Ahr‘ a story of secrets and seduction shot by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Inspired by the purity of intention, to understand the artistry of Ahr is to understand the poetry of people. Having grown up in a place where The Brussels Fine Art Museum served as his playground, it was clear from a young age this was someone who was set on a nomadic life of discovery. Maternal majesty takes on a unique meaning, as his mother (a designer in her own right), played a vital role in the vision he would come to adopt. Rebelling against the prevailing order, he reveled in the romance of style, as he set out on an pathway of production. Connie Berg steps into the fantasy of high fashion with bold pieces designed to make you think. From cool colors to brutal black & white, we experience the art of noir with looks that dare to depict the dark side of life. Evocative and alive, (Makeup Artist) Aki Maekubo sets the tone with tectonic beauty made to blow. The face if fierce as a cast of velvet colors captures our attention, featuring red lips that race across the mouth. Hairstylist, Kiri Yoshiki, plays the part with a slicked back dew morphed into a modern bun. Avant-garde stories done in the form of sartorial script, Jay Ahr proves that with the uprising of hope comes the valor of truth. Read, Jonathan Riss’ compelling interview at The GROUND.

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