Alena Blohm & Paris Roberts in ‘Im Juli Geliebtes Rot’ by Camilla Åkrans for Vogue Germany, July 2014

Alena Blohm & Paris Roberts goes noir in ‘Im Juli Geliebtes Rot’ by Camilla Åkrans for Vogue Germany, July 2014. The art of oral fixation comes alive in this stunning showcase of eloquent excess. Each shot captures a unique sense of individualism, with a succulent story of sex and style. Fashion Editor, Nicola Knels, reigns the rapturous waves of temptation with dynamic beauty born to fly. From sensual to sweet, (Makeup Artist) Wendy Rowe captures our attention with colors that mimic the rise of erotica from matte-rouge to glossy-red. The languid motion of the mouth takes over with liquid lips that ache with passion & burn with desire. The prowess of poignancy portrayed in velvet vision, the fullness of the features depicts the decadence of yearning. Each face illuminates a picture of female power – reminding us – that to lose yourself in the illusion is to find your freedom…

 Cotton Candy – Scarlet Daydreams

cherry flavored wine,

I keep waiting for that moment

’til your lips meet mine.

I close my eyes ’til night is over

give way to ‘morrow’s sun,

parting in such sweet sorrow

’til our hearts – they beat as one.

I taste your kisses in my nightmares

cherry flavored wine,

I’ll wait til time has softened

the pain that will be mine…


alena-blohm-paris-roberts-by-camilla-c3a5krans-for-vogue-germany-july-2014-2 alena-blohm-paris-roberts-by-camilla-c3a5krans-for-vogue-germany-july-2014-3 alena-blohm-paris-roberts-by-camilla-c3a5krans-for-vogue-germany-july-2014-4 alena-blohm-paris-roberts-by-camilla-c3a5krans-for-vogue-germany-july-2014-5 alena-blohm-paris-roberts-by-camilla-c3a5krans-for-vogue-germany-july-2014-6 alena-blohm-paris-roberts-by-camilla-c3a5krans-for-vogue-germany-july-2014-7 alena-blohm-paris-roberts-by-camilla-c3a5krans-for-vogue-germany-july-2014-8 alena-blohm-paris-roberts-by-camilla-c3a5krans-for-vogue-germany-july-2014-9