Cara Delevingne in ‘Sweetie’ by Liz Collins for Love Magazine, F/W 2014-15

Cara Delevingne floats in a pool of playfulness in ‘Sweetie’ by Liz Collins for Love Magazine, F/W 14-15. Take a trip to wonderland in this colorful mix of couture and candy. Lost in a daydream, Cara gives us a sweet tooth, laying across licorice, sweet-tarts, gumballs and taffy. Bringing the art of modern fashion to the forefront, (Stylist) Phoebe Arnold captures our imagination, with a beautiful array of sugar and style. The look of linear beauty has arrived with graphic eyes that are ready to ignite. Miranda Joyce embraces the art avant-garde cosmetics with modern makeup that’s made to shine bright. The features are on fire, with silver-shadow and bold-brows, the future of the face is here. The power of primary pops, as candy colored wigs command, in this explosion of hypnotic hair by, Schon. Dew it right with vibrant hues meant to ignite. Take a bite outta life with a burgeoning blend of pink, orange, yellow, green, red & blue. Collins goes sweet-chic with delicious looks to include; Chanel’s Candy Necklace/Milk Cartoon Purse, Moschino Fruit Dress, Kate Spade Maneki Neko Cat Bag & Charlotte Olympia Panda Bag.

Cara Delevingne Love Mag 1cara delevingne 'sweetie' liz collins for Love 2cara d love mag 6cara d love mag 4cara d love mag 2Cara-Delevingne-for-LOVE-Magaizne-No.12-Fall-2014-by-Liz-Collins-1Cara Delevingne 'Sweetie' by Liz Collins for Love