Charlotte Lebon by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Russia, August 2014

Caressing a crystal ball, (Actress) Charlotte Lebon falls under a spell by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Russia, August 2014. Unwerth celebrates the art of the unknown with a stunning look into the world of magic. Lost in a fantasy of riches, (Stylist) Sascha Lilic inspires and delights with edgy fashions and avant-garde accoutrements. The duality of spirits descend, daring us with decadent designs by Agent Provocateur, David Yurman, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Swarovski, Harry Winston, Chopard & Van Cleef & Arpels.Makeup Artist, Cathyanne Mac Allister, brings forth the power of perfection, with bold beauty that is brought to the edge of passion. The features of the face erupt as colors corrupt with evocative eyes and luscious lips. From proper to profound, (Hairstylist) Paolo Ferreira breaks free from the doldrums of dews and conquers us with coiffed hair couture. I dreamed a dream and found myself lost in the illusion. Set Designer, Alexis Barbera, takes the artistry of our imagination & sweeps it up in the shadows of sheer satisfaction. Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014-1Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014-9Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014-7Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014-8Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014-6Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014-5 Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014-4Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014-2Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014-10Charlotte-Lebon-by-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Vogue-Russia-August-2014