Eniko Mihalik in ‘Gods and Goddesses’ by Hunter & Gatti’s for HGIssue

Eniko Mihalik embraces her inner-light in ‘Gods and Goddesses’ by Hunter & Gatti for the latest HGIssue. The divinity of beauty erupts in this powerful piece of other-worldly imagery. Hunter & Gatti explores the mythology of Aphrodite, as the soul speaks out, in this 3-D exploration of The Modern Muse. Donning a black caftan, Mihalik elicits the illusion of light, appearing as if she could fly away in a flash. Evocative in nature, (Makeup Artist) Frank Garret captures our imagination with shots that take us from the exquisite to the extreme. Celebrating the body beautiful, we get a peek inside, as art moves through the heartbeat of humanity. Hairstylist, Paco Garrigues, creates locks that are born to shine with metallic looks that master the right to be fine. To enjoy, “The Handwriting of the Gods,” is to “Explore the significance of the divine,”

 When Aphrodite Speaks…

the air turns soft

the sounds are sweet

all we wish for

is at our feet,

the art of beauty

the light of joy

fills our time

like a childhood toy,

I wait for love

to burn inside,

this empty space

alive with pride,

my heart is held

my tears dry away,

for all my dreams

will come true this day.

original poem – tanyajo

Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-01 Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-03Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-02Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-04 Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-05 Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-06 Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-07 Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-08 Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-09 Eniko-Mihalik-HG-Hunter-Gatti-10