Eniko Mihalik in ‘Psychédélique’ by Stéphane Sendnaoui for Numéro #156, September 2014

Eniko Mihalik embraces the artistry of the abstract in ‘Psychédélique’ shot by Stéphane Sendnaoui for Numéro #156, September 2014. Mihalik takes us on a journey of self-discovery, inspiring the curves of creativity to be free. Stylist, Rebecca Bleynie, uses the skin as canvas by actively turning the body into works of modern art. 60’s psychedelia reigns as, (Makeup Artist) Violette, captures the beauty of mixed-media with mind-bending colors that wake up the power of pure fun. Riding on the wings of change, this captivating creation celebrates life’s visual journey with a ride through the imagination. Hairstylist, Laurent Philippon, gets dynamic with pink/blue dues made up of a vibrant array of candy-colored hues. We wait with stars that shine bright to see that through the abstract mirror of life comes hope.


I ran through the waking daylight

muddled colors through my mind,

I sought the sounds of solace

A gift that’s hard to find.

The art you thought would kill me

is a lonely waiting game

I play it every morning

with results ever the same.

Pain is made of licorice

hurt I long to lose,

it’s ever waiting construct

is the life that I did choose.

You’ll never see my footsteps

walking out the door

The Psychédélique dreamscape

is mine for ever more.


mega219Eniko-Mihalik-by-Stéphane-Sendnaoui-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-5mega221 Eniko-Mihalik-by-Stéphane-Sendnaoui-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-3 mega223Eniko-Mihalik-by-Stéphane-Sendnaoui-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-4 Eniko-Mihalik-by-Stéphane-Sendnaoui-for-Numéro-156-September-2014-5