Lily McMenamy Embrace The Art of Avant-Garde by Philip Riches

Lily McMenamy embraces the art of erotica, in this avant-garde editorial shot by Philip Riches. Taking us to the inner-sanctum of sensual style, Lily dares to explore the dark side. The freedom of the face unfolds with burgeoning beauty that beckons from within. The lips speak out in this sexually charged story filled with fantasy and wonder. Makeup Artist, Pernell Kusmus, captures the color of drama by exposing us to haute-pink that will scorch with desire. An evocative take on the power of pretty, through the lens of life comes a force of impenetrable energy. Donning a Gimp Mask by, Rob Leather – femme-fatale fashion explodes – showing us that through the arc of inner-change comes hope. Images; Fashion Gone Rogue

The Muse Speaks Out as Silence Fills the Air in this Dueling Fight for Freedom. 

The essence of innocence

the burden of truth

a life filled with magic

a song filled with mirth,

I catch you in silence

break through the strong wall,

reach for a meaning

wait for you to fall…

So listen with wary

hear every sound,

what’s waiting to meet you

is ever around,

the burgeoning beauty

will come in flames

to ravage and scorn you

without out but a name…

It will find you searching

in the hollows of ground,

to unearth what is waiting

when no-one’s around,

so look when you’re seeing

take in what you will,

for whatever is here

is merely a fill.


lily-mcmenamy-philip-riches-2014-1 lily-mcmenamy-philip-riches-2014-2lily-mcmenamy-philip-riches-2014-3 (1) lily-mcmenamy-philip-riches-2014-4 (1) lily-mcmenamy-philip-riches-2014-5 lily-mcmenamy-philip-riches-2014-6lily mcmenamy by philip riches