Numéro Magazine

Sasha Luss, Lexi Boling & Maartje Verhoef shows us how to ‘Pop’ in this dizzying tale by Karl Lagerfeld for Numéro Magazine #156. Letting black and white rule these cover girls celebrate one of histories most fashionable flashbacks. Capturing the art of an era, (Stylist) Vanessa Metz honors the times by giving us an ode to the 60’s. With beaded baroque and swinging silk, we get a taste for the future while still paying tribute to the past. Makeup Artist, Tom Pecheux, lets the hyper-lined, black-winged eyes do the talking by bringing back beauty that’s all about being bold. Playing it straight, (Hairstylist) Diego Da Silva covers this story with a bang by daring to deliver stick straight hair reminiscent of the times. The Mod-Squad reminds us that the power of the present can only be eclipsed by the artistry of the past.

Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop Couture' NuméroKarl Lagerfeld 'Pop Couture' Numéro 4Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop Couture' Numéro 1Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop Couture' Numéro 6Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop Couture' Numéro 8Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop Couture' Numéro 9Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop Couture' Numéro 13Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop Couture' Numéro 3sasha-lexi-maartje-karl-lagerfeld-numero-september-2014-1sasha-lexi-maartje-karl-lagerfeld-numero-september-2014-2sasha-lexi-maartje-karl-lagerfeld-numero-september-2014-3sasha-lexi-maartje-karl-lagerfeld-numero-september-2014-4sasha-lexi-maartje-karl-lagerfeld-numero-september-2014-5 (1)